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To facilitate the successful running of a business a good management reporting system is essential and needs to be:-

  • An effective measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),
  • Specifically tailored to your particular needs,
  • Fast, accurate and meaningful.

Without quality reporting of your KPIs your ability to make quality management decisions is restricted.

Adconis provides a cost effective report design service tailored to your specific needs:-

  • We can review your information systems to ensure that processed information is complete and accurate.
  • We will design your reports to be produced at intervals to suit you.
  • We relieve you of the burden of design, implementation and maintenance of your management reporting system.

Many accounting software designers have recently added more comprehensive reporting tools, but these can be difficult to use effectively and, to achieve the reports that you want, they can have a considerable impact on the way the accounting software is configured. Frequently these tools are unable to provide the tailored reports that your business needs.

In addition to your accounting software reporting functions Adconis use the most suitable standard reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Crystal Design/Reports.

The use of 3rd party software can enable the use of separate data stores (Data Warehousing) to enhance reporting flexibility and can facilitate:-

  • Reporting across multiple years of data,
  • Linkage of accounting data to other databases,
  • The input of additional information,
  • Expanding the range of available reports to more closely align with your business requirements.

All report designs are structured to provide flexibility for the system to adapt to future changes in your business. Our extensive experience can help to anticipate those future needs.


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